Hannah Rose

Game Development and Design

Portfolio Highlights

TRON: Identity

Mike Bithell Games

A bright glowing detective visual novel set in the TRON universe.

Joined after pre-production, worked on all the game's features and systems, but primary focused on the narrative backend and frontend, visual effects, debug tools and bugfixing, the minigame, localization, and internal tooling.


Mike Bithell Games

VR game for the Oculus Quest 1 & 2 about building modular contraptions, managing heat, power supply, layout, and your stubborn instructor.

Joined after pre-production. Due to very long iteration times and poor debug features of testing on the Quest, implemented virtal controls and debug tools to let do full playthroughs in editor. Mostly focused on bugfixing and optimisation work, implementing the tools players used, and the narrative structure of the game.

The Darkside Detective: A Fumble in the Dark

Spooky Doorway

A lighthearted point and click detective game set in America's 34th most haunted city, and the sequel to The Darkside Detective.

Upgraded many parts of the game engine, which were both backported to the original and used in the sequel. Focused on easing up repetitive tasks for designers, adding debug tools for faster testing, and abstracting many of the game's controls, bootup, and save systems in anticipation of console porting.


Weather Factory

An elegant, melancholy, combat-free RPG set in an occult library, from the makers of BAFTA-nominated Cultist Simulator.

Primary engine developer during pre-production. Responsible for controls, building a satisfying way to move and arrange a full library of books, communicating narrative information to and from our story manager, and translating the 2D concept art into a 3D game with shaders and VFX.

Programming courses

Code Kingdoms

A series of 40 Minecraft and 23 Roblox games that children are taught to make, in order to learn how to code.

The courses offer a full curriculum of Minecraft mods and Roblox games that children learn to make. It teaches them all the core concepts of programming, how to apply them in practical settings, and in doing so gives them a list of completed games, leaving them ready to start creating their own.

As the course designer, I was responsible for ensuring full curriculum coverage, all the code, design, and mapmaking for all 60+ courses, lesson structure and technical scriptwriting for the videos.

A lot of silly little games

regrettably by me

I've made a lot of games in my own time. They're all small things made for game jams, and a lot of them were made in an hour or two. They're messy and bad and I'm so very fond of them all.

There's a lot on there, but my current favourites are the one where you draw and follow treasure maps in a randomly generated ocean, the one where you just click on a ball of dough and make it go boing, one about doing your makeup, and one about doing a ghost's makeup.

Making silly games for fun keeps me curious and happy, I love to chat about them.

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I do also have a video showreel, but frankly its 3 years out of date and video editing takes a lot of time so it might stay that way for a bit.

If you want to talk about anything, hit me up with an email!