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Hannah Rose

Game Development and Design

Here for my portfolio?

Hi. I'm Hannah.

I'm a Swiss-born, London-based Game Developer and Designer.

I love making games, of all shapes, sizes, and colours - for any and every reason.

I also make art, comics, music, educational videos, and this website!

About me


I like making games

I do game jams whenever possible, and spend most of my spare time either making games or talking to people about making games. I ran a game design society at university, ran talks and workshops to teach newcomers.

My latest professional experience has been in teaching programming through games.

If you're interested in what I've made - check out some of the highlights here!


I like programming

Making games got me into programming, which lead to me taking a BSc in Computer Science at the University of Warwick, and my subsequent role as a developer and designer at Code Kingdoms.

My main developer roles have generally veered towards the front end, and have varied from web development to creating a series of resources to teach programming.


I like most things, really

I have a love of learning above all else, which has lead me to all kinds of hobbies. I enjoy vector art, animation, composing and performing music, video editing, and running talks.

Games are influenced by all kinds of the developers' other experiences - for me, that would be my love of hiking, skiing, and making weird stuff while cooking.

Portfolio Highlights

Samu Rise

A high speed platformer hack 'n' slash

Mastering Samu Rise requires quick thinking, immaculate timing, and a love of looking amazing while you style out on your opponents.

Successful attacks can be strung together almost immediately, and endlessly. But miss once, and you leave your enemy with an opening, and yourself with no defences.

Dippy Ducks

A casual game about throwing colourful ducks at boxes.

Throw ducks at crates, expand your duck collection, and get lost in a whimsical sea of calm colours and quacking.

A game made for Global Game Jam 2017, as part of a team of two.


A small game about social anxiety

Play a party attendee, trying their best to dance the dance of social etiquette.

A number of small minigames represent different fascets of social interaction, simple in isolation, but overwhelming when you need to consider them all.

Code Kingdoms Game

An adventure game where players must solve and create puzzles, by coding in an in-built Javascript editor

Explore a multitude of lands, sequencing code to lead animals to safety, programming your own defensive obstacles, and fighting evil glitches.

A cancelled game I contributed towards as part of my role at Code Kingdoms.


A game on the subject of domestic violence.

You play as a married woman, exploring a cave with her husband, during the "honeymoon" phase of a cycle of abuse. Your descent into the cave is mirrored by the descent into the cycle.

Created for the 48h competition Ludum Dare 29, theme "Beneath the Surface", where it finished 32nd out of 1491 entrants.

Purging Cuddle Kingdoms

An arcade shooter where you your weapons.

Reviewers described it as "A bullet hell, where you play as the bullet hell", in a game where the mighty warrior princess mounts a magnet based last ditch defence against the unstoppable forces of evil.

Created for the 48h competition Ludum Dare 32, theme "Unusual Weapon", where it finished 44th out of 1353 entrants.

Say hi!

If you want to talk about anything, hit me up with an email!