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Hannah Rose

Game Development and Design

Here for my portfolio?

Hi. I'm Hannah.

I'm a Swiss-born, Norwich-based Developer and Game Designer.

I love making games, of all shapes, sizes, and colours - for any and every reason.

I've also made art, music, animations, programming courses, tutorials, comics, and this website!

About me


I games being made

Last I tried counting, I've made over 150 games - alone or in a team, in months or in an hour, as a professional or as a child. It's fun!

I like bringing more people into game dev. I worked three years teaching kids to make games, ran a game dev society in University where I mentored, presented to, and supported student game devs. Also, tutorials. I like writting 'em.

If you're interested in what I've made - check out some of the highlights here!


I like programming

Game dev got me into programming, and I did a BSc in Computer Science at the University of Warwick. I've developed a curriculum to teach kids programming through game dev with over 40 courses.

That doesn't mean I only make games. I've done web design, made VR and 360 video apps, I enjoy writing shaders, and love anything that lets me grow as a developer.


I like most things, really

Interesting people make for interesting developers. I love music, digital art, animation, giving talks, and holding the ladder for people behind you.

All my best games have drawn in some way on my other experiences, making me a shameless fan of hiking, skiing, and kitchen mad science.

What have I done?

Glad you asked!

If you wanna quick glance, check my portfolio highlights

Reading text can be tiring, and pictures aren't the most flattering medium to show off games. So I have a showreel if you'd rather sit back and see what I've done.

For a longer list of my personal projects, my Itch page is your best bet.

I've also written some tutorials on my blog. Could be a nice for getting an idea about how I work?

Say hi!

(Temporarily, I'm afraid I would rather not be contacted. I appreciate all respect for this.)